August 02, 2019 3 min read

I’m not perfect, but I used to be.
I know what you’re thinking, “did she just claim to be perfect?”
Yes. Yes, I did. And let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.
You see, I grew up believing that my value as a woman depended on how beautiful I looked, how well I could perform, and how much I could achieve. Sound familiar?
I really thought that if I perfected everything about myself, I’d finally be deemed good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, cool enough to get what I wanted… especially when it came to love.
Really, I just wanted the one that was "chosen". I wanted to be the pretty girl and the one that the guys liked. So, what did I do? I perfected everything. 
I started with the physical. I perfected my body by living at the gym, running myself skinny, and becoming the all-star athlete. 
I got straight A’s in school just to say I had a perfect GPA and later studied neuroscience in college to study the “right” thing that would lead me down a good career path.
I perfected my skin and hair with creams, lotions, scrubs, masks, you name it! I was like a walking bath bomb.
Every action I took was based on this misbelief that being perfect meant I would be seen as normal and worthy of love. I believed it would make me be heard, loved, and accepted – but WHO was the world really accepting? It wasn’t the real me...
Even reading it now, I can hear that lost part of myself saying “Who wouldn’t want to love the perfect girl???”
All my attempts to be perfect were really just me covering up my fears of being weird and abnormal to ensure to myself that I could still be loved. I had subconsciously created a life where I was false, fake, and inauthentically loved.
Here’s the unfortunate answer that took me years to understand: Being perfect externally got me a lot of praise and attention, but underneath it all I didn’t love myself and neither did the elevated masculine men I wanted to attract.
I was still never the chosen one despite being everything I thought men wanted.
I have a feeling you’ve likely been in this boat too. You’ve put your time and energy into perfecting aspects of yourself to become something more acceptable and loveable, but it’s not creating the desired results you have for your life and relationships.
So what gives?! What can we do if "getting what we want" doesn't come from this level of self-control and self-perfection?
Here’s what I want you to know: 
A woman "in control" in my opinion is completely disempowered and disconnected from her true feminine energy. Furthermore, a woman who has created "perfection" in her life is actually missing the whole point of what it means to be beautiful and valuable.
This is why I created Elevated Woman... To teach women that their value isn’t dependent upon their external success or their outer beauty. 
The truth? Your value is innate. It’s always right there.
It’s when a woman learns to activate this subtle but potent energy within that she magnetizes all of her desires without lifting a finger.
That’s the power of the Elevated Woman! 
And let me tell you, you’re one of them! 
To get you started, I want to gift something to you! If you’ve been reading this and nodding your head in agreement, I want you to practice my Shakti Activation Meditation. It’s a visceral experience of feeling your value and letting go of this idea that perfection and control is going to get you what you want in life.
This meditation will redirect you back into your truth so you can become more beautifully radiant, magnetic, and successful without even thinking about it. That’s how magical you already are. Let me prove it to you inside of this meditation ;)
Here is a resource for a Shakti ActivationMeditation! 

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