November 20, 2017 2 min read

In truth, infinite possibilities are before us in every moment. You could become a billionaire over night. It IS possible! You could meet the love of your life tomorrow. It IS possible. You could be healed of all of your pain, struggle, or resistance NOW. It IS possible.

Infinite possibility is the truth of our core. We are simply physical contractions of this energy. Tapping into to this limitless source of energy is something that when accessed consciously, can be the most powerful shift in life. 

Opening to this limitless source first begins within presence. Standing in presence means standing empty ready to receive. It means releasing the energy of the past and in re-union with your innate Divinity. Presence is standing in soft, vulnerable, receptive peace. 

When there is resistance in our bodies and in our life, we close ourselves off to the divine flow of Source energy. It simply is a blockage that can be removed by tuning inward. 

I used to have resistance in my body to receiving money. Even when the exchange was adequate and balanced, I subconsciously felt that if someone was giving me money, they were losing money. 

Instead, what is actually happening, is that every flow of money receive comes actually from a limitless source. Money is made in a factory. It is paper, assigned value, and exchanged. Money is made every day. 

When we change our thinking from the point of view that when we are receiving money, someone is losing it, it is as if receiving a hug from your best friend and feeling like they are losing love in the process. 

The opposite is true! The abundance of love that is represented through that act is powerful! Physically, money doesn't grow on trees, but energetically money is a representation of something that is infinite: energy. 

In your business, in your payments, remember that when working with money in ANY way, you are playing with the energy of the universe. You can open yourself to the most infinite supply of love, of abundance--or you can resist that flow that wants to fill you. 

No one loses when you receive. When money is coming from a source that is never empty, your supply is never empty. 

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