November 12, 2017 1 min read

Intentionally, the feminine energy is built to have abundant access to creative potential, nurturance, feeling, and love. These are innate qualities and important within any human being's life. In the present masculine culture of western society, these qualities are misunderstood, shamed, and devalued. As women, this can show up in a belief that we must enhance our masculine characteristics in order to have power and influence in the world. Ultimately, this is a loss for both men and women because we are suppressing our most natural gifts. 

Men and women have consciously and subconsciously learned to shut down parts of the feminine nature. In truth, the feminine nature is essential in reaching our collective potential. The most elevated feminine energies act to compliment and accentuate the elevated masculine qualities, and vice-versa. It is only through gaining access to these higher aspects of our masculine and feminine nature that we will be able to maximize our potential as human beings--relationship, purpose, and spirituality.  

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