September 14, 2019 2 min read

What feels very clear to me right now, is that at this time on the earth it will be those who commit to NEW and elevated beliefs, actions, and behaviors who will ascend in rapid speed (and receive what they want from the Universe). 
Today I invested in an Angel Transmission healing and an EMDR session with my therapist... Tomorrow I have a five hour energy healing that was $1250 because that's how serious I am about right NOW being THE time (like literally if there was ever a time) to step into radical courage and release any last bits of self-doubt, scarcity, trauma, and fear. 
It is THE TIME to BE (align, believe, and act) the person you are when you're acting from your power.
If you have a moment for self-reflection, ask yourself these important and timely questions:
  1. If you were to close your eyes right now and imagine living in your HIGHEST alignment, what would you see? 
  2. Who would you be?
  3. What would you be wearing, and what would be the expression on your face? 
  4. What DECISIONS would that woman make? 
  5. How would she feel about money? 
  6. How would she act when it came to money? 
  7. What message does she have for you today?
You can't "wait" for the right moment when it comes to manifesting and stepping into the life of your dreams. 
Manifesting is a choice. It's not passive. It takes courage. It takes investment (energetically and monetarily). It takes a leap of faith. 
Manifesting in 5D happens when you refuse to believe and feel anything other than what lines up with what (at your highest self expression) want and desire. 
That means that you can't create outlets, backdoors, or excuses for yourself. 
This is the time! ...To take what you want and who YOU really are seriously. (The world needs you at your highest expression and the Universe will support you if you choose to make decisions in accordance.)
It's now the time to let go of the part of you that ENJOYS being in the struggle and avoiding responsibility. It's each individuals destiny to live in alignment with their highest self expression, but some souls come to this earth and choose NOT to because they plug so deeply into fear and never find a way out. 
If you are struggling with self-worth...
If you know you need to make changes in your life, in your relationships, and in your relationship with yourself... 
And you're ready to be DONE with the struggle mentally, emotionally, and physically...
I want you to make a choice right now. 
Are you ACTUALLY ready to create change?
Yes? Or no? 
Accept your answer and move on. 
If the answer is yes, then you must be 100% willing to live courageously and ACT from that place of, "Yes, I believe in myself, and I'm willing to step into radical trust to make this happen."
I get that leaps of faith are scary...
But in my experience they always lead us NOT TO WHERE WE FEAR, but where we REALLY want to go.

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