November 13, 2017 3 min read

Two young guys filled the empty seats to my left as I waited to take off from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco. When they first sat down they were giggling, squirming, elbowing each other, and showing one another snap chats of girls. "Dude she is so hot though," I heard.

Low-key annoyed, I did not extend any efforts to connect. Their immaturity felt familiar. 

Thirty minutes into the flight the guy to my left tapped me on the shoulder. These young men were 19 and 20, one a sponsored snowboarder, and the other a skater. They were on their way to San Francisco to skate around the streets and check out Cali

It struck me that if I had met these boys at their age, my interaction with them would have been wildly different. At 20, I would have been craving their attention. Overly aware of what I said, what I looked like, and how I acted. My body would have remained contracted and restrained.

Now, years later, my energy was clear and relaxed. I had an entirely different affect. Through the rest of our time together these cute new friends and I dove into elaborate topics. Somehow the topic of Tinder, the dating app, came up and I asked their opinion of it and experience. Both seemed to agree it was an app for hook-ups and that is what they expected. 

I thought back to the numerous dates I had gone on through this global, social phenomenon. I remembered the effect of my warm and dynamic feminine energy. I sensed into the mens' experiences of the mysterious and untouchable radiation I have learned to activate around me. In my experience, the nights ended with a wide-eyed man, respectfully requesting a second meet. 

I felt my feminine fire turn on in my conversation with these airplane friends. I  expressed that ultimately, it is up to the woman to decide the outcome of a date. It is the energy she emits that determines, "what he can do with her". 

They thoughtfully acknowledged the point, seeming never to have had the awareness of its truth.

When we embody the true Divine Feminine as women, we become a powerful force. We carry integrity and innate inner peace. This is true human potential. Society is unfamiliar with this type of energy and often people are unsure as to what to do with it. But inside, they are allured, sensing their own power and potential mirrored in your presence.

As humans embodied in the female body, when it comes to sex and attraction, we have the power. We are the magnetic polarity! We are Shakti, power, and embodiments of the sexual energy of the Universe. We pull people in.

It does not matter how hot, how successful, famous, or seemingly "perfect" a man appears--you have the choice as a woman to share your sexual energy, your sacred power, or not. You have the choice to do with your feminine gifts what you actually desire.

Create intimacy with your body in such a way that you are able to sense instantly who is worthy of your energy and who is not. Then trust yourself! You do not have to convince or try to force yourself to be into anyone. The more you remember your power and worth as a woman the more you will value being with a partner who is willing to uphold and uplift you to your absolute highest expression as a woman.

You get to choose who's protection you will trust, support you will soften to, strength you will let go to, and body you will surrender to. 

I loved these boys. I am grateful for them because in our conversation I saw their eyes light up in recognition of the truth. They touched into a rising awareness of their true masculine desire and their potential as men to hold true power. These boys ignited in the revelation of enticing new possibility. 

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