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Every woman has the potential to transform her pain into her power; her wounds into her worth. We have gone through certain experiences to extract lessons and learn. We are strengthened through the transformative fire. The most powerful woman embodies all aspect of her past, present, and future by knowing that everything she experiences can be applied to her purpose in creating a world of harmonious balance.

Harmony is possible when we collectively realize our magnificent power and uplift our individual missions. Every woman embodying her unique feminine essence, and standing both in strength and softness, is a beacon of light.

Our essence shines when we realize our beauty is beyond the physical form but emanates from our connection to Source and Spirit. This is the power of the woman--her deep connection to the cosmic womb and creation. When we walk, talk, and exist connected to this place, our radiance transforms those around us and instantly we observe the world's response to this new paradigm.

In the Future of the Feminine online course you will:

  • Activate your femininity
  • Understand how to embody your power as a woman at a new level
  • Learn how to utilize your masculine energy to elevate and protect your feminine energy; activate your electro-magnetic power
  • Feel dignified and certain of your worth
  • Step into your boundaries
  • Master attraction
  • Feel honored, upheld, and uplifted everywhere you go
  • Expand your ability to create change in the world as a feminine leader
  • Unmask your true beauty and stand unapologetically in your sexual power and feminine essence
  • Radiate from your deep connection to Source (the timeless and infinite potential energy of the Universe)

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August 02, 2019

I just discovered Anya tonight on YouTube. You know when you hear truth. Anya is connected and gifted to a truth . Thank you Anya!

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