Elevated Woman 8 Week Signature Training

The 1111 Training

  • Learn meditation and movement practices to relieve stress, anxiety, and stagnation in your life
  • Activate your most radiant and magnetic beauty internally and externally
  • Shift subconscious limiting beliefs lodged in your lower feminine consciousness
  • Understand the Divine Masculine and attract next level-love
  • Elevate your feminine energy and master your magnetic feminine
  • Reclaim your sexual energy and freedom in your body
  • Gain skills to address toxic masculinity at work, in relationships, and in the world
  • Address low self-worth, competition, jealousy, and the imbalanced emotional body
  • Tap into the feminine's infinite resources of love, energy, money, and creativity, and abundance
  • Create a tribe of powerful women ON YOUR TEAM!
  • Step into your feminine leadership
This course takes place over Zoom, 60-75 minutes per week, for 8 weeks. Weekly calls are run as follows:
  1. Opening meditation
  2. Check in reflection 
  3. Lesson of the week (see below)
  4. Meditation and practice of the week 
  5. Question and Answer

Elevated Woman Weekly Lessons:

Week 1:Masculine and Feminine Energy (Understand next-level love through the wisdom of the masculine and feminine energy. Activate your electro-magnetic radiance through co-practices of stillness and movement.)

Week 2: Activating Feminine Power (Step out of your masculine energy and into your feminine power. Restore polarity in your relationships, balance your energetic body, and reconnect with your inherrent radiance.)

Week 3: The Fallen Feminine (Address qualities of the fallen feminine energy such as jealousy, competition, low self-worth, and the imbalanced emotional body.) 

Week 4: Toxic Masculinity (Learn how to address toxic masculinity at work, in your relationships, and in the world; stand up for your power as a woman in a feminine way.)

Week 5: Mastering Attraction (Embody your Shakti power in a way that attracts everything you desire. Learn how to magnetize love, wealth, health, happiness, companionship, friendship, adventure, and abundance guilt-free.)

Week 6: Essential Archetype (Discover your personal Modern Goddess Archetype. Walk, talk, and radiate your personalized expression of Shakti)

Week 7: Closing Circle (Connect with your Elevated Woman group to reflect upon your transformation and support one another)

Week 8: Surprise!