Elevated Woman Feminine Awakening Call

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Alchemical Healing & Quantum Activation

A process of cellular clearing, recoding, and spiritual initiation...

Through early life trauma, wounding events that happen in our adolescence and adulthood, and the collective wounds we carry into this lifetime the body can hold distortions that perpetuate themselves as limiting patterns in the outer world. Alchemy Healing and Quantum Activation is a process of going deep into your cellular and spiritual body and energetic grid to clear contractions and distortions and alchemize the "collective feminine wounds" from your system. As these patterns clear from the body, your radiant feminine beauty, strength, and magnetic abilities are revealed and your inherent power is restored.

Distortions and contractions in your grid may show up as a pattern of:

  • Attracting disempowering relationships
  • Experiencing sexual abuse (or other forms of abuse)
  • Struggling with eating disorder and distorted relationship with food, body, exercise
  • "Not being the chosen one" in love relationship
  • Struggling with jealousy and insecurity toward other women
  • Feeling voiceless around men and in your relationship
  • Sacrificing yourself to please others (especially men)
  • Feeling like you need to fix something about yourself to be worthy of what you want
  • Feeling like you're not good enough for the kind of relationship you want
  • Attracting men but not the type of men you're attracted to
  • Struggling with self doubt, fear, and anxiety
  • Drained and tired all the time and/or struggle sleeping

Alchemical Healing and Quantum Activation is a process of going into pain and transforming bound energy into purified power. Through this process you will be initiated by the Elevated Feminine Frequencies that match up with your highest self expression and power as a woman. This is a deep spiritual activation and initiation into your elevated feminine potential. 

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