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Women's bodies are shaped in a figure eight. 8. Infinity. So is a woman's yoni! The infinite energy that carries us throughout our life is our connection to our life-time's supply of Source energy. There is a center point in this symbol that represents the point at which we exit Source and enter form, and then exit form and re-enter Source. 

Sex is much like this entrance and exit: A man enter's a woman's body and in her, Shakti -- Source! Shakti is the creative energy of the Universe; infinite potential; limitless possibility vibrating stars into magic matter. Shakti is the cosmos's creative birth.

Humans matter. We also ultimately don't matter. At some point we are contracted into physical form and exist as a "separate" entity. We are material and spiritual. We represent the limitless possibilities of Source energy, vibrating with the cosmic frequency of love. The woman's body is symbolic of the spiritual plane--soft, dynamic, energetic, warm, flowing. The man's body is symbolic of the material plane--dense, hard, and physical.

When a man enters a woman's body through sex, he is engulfed in the experience of expansion and sweet source. For her, his penetration fills up the infinite space of her darkness. His particles of light activate the energy inside of her and they dance. 

To man, this is an enlivening experience. His connection to source is restored when the focus turns to experiencing, healing, and feeling from sex rather than using it as an opportunity to release. Rather than releasing our connection to the Divine, we can cultivate our communication and sensation of Source energy at all times. 

The moment we submerge back into the darkness and depths of potential energy, we re-enter home. We connect with what we are all looking for: Love.

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August 21, 2019

I’ve been on a healing path for two years now. It was brought on through a relationship with a man. As layers have lifted, I started to realize how much unresolved filling there was between those layers. Issues I thought resolved, were stuffed, still others I never recognized and the wounded child I never comforted. Somewhere, somehow, that free spirit, once interpreted as “wildness” within me, was swallowed up and another person came to the surface to help me survive all the trauma.My masculine became the protector of me and my children….it saved me at the time.But, through the years it has taken over. I want and need to release it. I want my free soul and open heart to return.
I have enjoyed some of your work in various places/topics. I am thinking to take one of the courses to help me with my feminine energy. It would feel good to get some feedback from you, I’m listening. DLM


August 02, 2019

Is it common when they are completely in thekr body and voiceless. Body is vibrating at the same frequency and I feel my heart connect to hers beating through my heart. The quiet thing has me wondering? I could feel our entire heart beats, organs, endicrine systems align. Hsr vibration sas so intense it flooded every nook and crany of my physical body. Truely an amazing experience and she was in her xevine goddess but simply voiceless. Is this to be of concern or justto be enjoyed?

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