September 05, 2019 3 min read

I just did a body image survey to my audience...

In the 250 women that filled out the body image survey, 92% of women either feel like they are not WORTHY of the relationship they want because of their current weight OR that they would be MORE beautiful if they toned up. Read that stat... 92%! Crying...

I know from the conversations I've had with friends, clients, (and my past self) that so many of us are mentally and emotionally struggling when it comes to food/exercise/body image.

So many are beating themselves up because they "CAN'T CONTROL OR DISCIPLINE" themselves well enough to "reach their goals".

Three things right off the bat that are damaging about this:

1) Feminine energy power (beyond gender) is found by LETTING GO of control. We want freedom in our bodies and yet we are attempting to arrive there through discipline and control? HOW does this make logical sense? Self-control and discipline is only one aspect of our power, but to unlock true, unlimited, creative life force energy (especially as women) it will be through SURRENDER that we arrive at our desired dream.

2) Living life trying to reach your goals is living your life in your masculine energy. Being single pointed (penis) in your focus and being outcome based pulls you OUT of your essential power as a woman which is process/presence/pleasure based. (I'm not saying don't set goals, but if you were my client, I would guide you to these goals in an entirely different way than you may be used to.)

3) By spending more than 10% of your time every day thinking about food/exercise and/or SUFFERING mentally and emotionally when you look at yourself in the mirror thinking that you'd be "more attractive" if you lost a few pounds is literally DRAINING your Shakti force energy... (This is one of the ways so many women are stuck in a submissive energy rather than surrendered empowerment... because they are giving their power away to the confused masculine paradigm that brainwashes us to believe it's our perfection that is desirable. Your perfection is NOT what is sexy or beautiful about you…)

UGH my computer literally cannot keep up with how fast I'm typing I'm so freaking passionate about this stuff.

And the reason I can talk about it in this way is I struggled through it for YEARS!

I used to literally think about food and exercise for 85% of my day.

Now I think about it for about 2% of my day.

I am 100% free. I am 100% existing in my "ideal body" and I don't do ANYTHING to CONTROL it, make it, or force it to be this way. It's like this as a byproduct of my mindset, thoughts and energy.

I'm 5-D in my definition hahahaha meaning I can instantly relax into whatever I desire to feel physically. Food doesn't have a hold on me and I exercise whenever I want.

I fluctuate back and forth between my "Goddess Body" and my "Ballerina Body". I love them both because they are different expressions of the feminine within me. I'd get bored with just the ballerina bod!

In our highest expression of beauty and power women are dynamic, fluctuating, rhythmic, pulsating, vibrating. We are expanding and contracting with the moods, moons, and tides.

We are not one number on a scale.

We are much more complex than that.

We are much more beautiful than that.

We are much more powerful than that.

And I actually just started crying writing.

If you are in a relationship or situation where you feel you are valued for your perfection, PLEASE open your heart and see that wherever that message is coming from, it is mis-guided and disempowered.

And if YOU are the one sending this message to yourself, I invite you to rewire and re-program yourself to discover your true power and your true beauty.

I’m leading a training soon called Whole Body Beauty because I’m realizing how needed it is…

We do not need to suffer around our body image and food… It’s actually in our control to let go of it… ironically.

Can you imagine a world where women DODN’T NEGATIVELY THINK ABOUT THEIR BODIES, FOOD OR EXERCISE but simply existed in their beauty, presence, and pleasure? Can you imagine YOUR LIFE in this level of freedom?

There would be SO MUCH MORE CREATIVE ENERGY for us ALL to work with!!!!!!

Aahhh! Anyway, more to say, will continue writing elsewhere.

Love you so much.

Repeat: “I Am Divinity. I Am Sacred Energy”

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