September 11, 2022 2 min read


You've likely worked with "standards". 

Standards are something that are really important to be aware of! 

We often have built in standards based on the way we grew up, or we develop standards later on in life based on situations that didn't work for us. 


Standards can include:

standard of living

standard of income

standard of the way you are spoken to

standard of the way you are made love to

standard of the way you are treated


Standards are an amazing thing. 


But for my community, I want to support you to take it to the NEXT LEVEL. 


Personally, I have been working with  

my requirements. 

Requirements are different than standards. 

Requirements, are standards that have been integrated. 

They do not need to be spoken because they are felt or they are claimed.

Requirements are embodied self-knowledge.

They are LIVING Self-honor.


Standards, before they become requirements...

Unless they are deeply integrated, standards alone can lack responsibility. 

They are often coded with unleaded energies of resentment and/or bitterness.

Requirements are needless.

Requirements just "are".

Requirements have nothing to do with anyone other than yourself.  

They are free of co-dependency, full of responsibility, and nourish and support you to create healthy relationships. 


They help people actually love and be in relationship with the true you.


Requirements are sexy.

And hot AF. 

They are seeping in self-love and self-knowledge.

They are the epitome of self-acceptance and confidence. 


When you're in this energy, it doesn't matter who you are talking to, 

You are alluring...

Your world is sexy and people know it.  


They want to be a part of it...

But they know they must meet your requirements.


Requirements are an invitation, not a demand. 


You offer them a choice, not an expectation. 

But you do not budge where you stand.

You remain grounded.

You remain rooted in you. 


Everything in your life can work for you. 

But you must establish your requirements. 


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