August 23, 2022 3 min read

Dear Highly Sensitive Woman,

You are deeply empathetic, vulnerable, receptive, and soft.
You are naturally in an open, feminine energy.
You feel the identity and intelligence of the MATTER around you. (Rocks, trees, towns, restaurants, building.)
You experience the SOUL ENERGY of those around you.
You feel and experience everything in your field at an intimate level.
People see themselves in you even more clearly than when they're not around you.

You are amplifying the energy around you.

As a highly sensitive, open woman.
You are more vulnerable to conditioning and programming than someone who is less sensitive.

If you are not aware of this influence, you can believe all projections about you as true. If you do not know how to run the energy through your system and feel into whether it is correct and aligned for you or not, you are amplifying a sense of "Self" that is skewed.

You may have been told many things about yourself that made you feel a twinge of sadness. That caused you to question and doubt yourself. That caused you to ask yourself, "Is that true? Am I like that?"

The vulnerability of the highly sensitive woman before she has gone through a process of maturing and empowerment, is that you are deeply trusting.

You are literally open to being defined by the world around you, if you are not aware.

When you trust words, projections, and conditions that aren't congruent with your field, your potency is weakened.

You may feel like you are…

Searching for love.
Searching for yourself...

Life can begin to feel off, like there's a deep subtle depression. You don't feel like you're yourself, but you also don't know who "yourself" is.

The good news?

You are a White Diamond.

You are a Soul Energy Amplifier.

Just because you can feel the field deeply, does not mean everything in the field is FOR you.

Just because you are open to the influence of others, doesn't mean you lack the inner guidance to know what is for you and what is not for you.
In your power, you get to decide what energies are worthy of your amplification.

When you clear the beliefs about yourself that were never aligned, you are a portal to purity and truth.

And in your mastery, you have the ability to influence the world around you... not by reflecting the world what it thinks it is, but reflecting back to the world what it Truly is it's it's highest Divine Identity.

You actually do have the ability to program your field yourself, and condition yourself with energies that are Truly resonate with your Soul!
You get to amplify who you WANT to be into this world.

I'm doing a training next week called, "The White Diamond Healing".

You can join this training whether you have an open identity center or not because likely you have a friend, child, or lover that has this center open (and we are all susceptible to conditioning through our other open centers).

You will deeply de-condition the incongruent energies that you have so uncomfortably identified with all this time.

From this point forward, only energies that you CONSENT to influence you, will have the power to.

From this point forward, you will realize the beauty, power, and gift that you have always been.

Join here: White Diamond Training

In Love and Grace,


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