August 23, 2022 3 min read

If you are a highly sensitive being
The very world we live in, is inherently invalidating.
Very few people are as in tune, and connected to the nuances of the energies as you!

Being a highly sensitive person can feel a little bit like
feeling like you're alone.
You may fear that you are the one that is "off"...
This can lead to a lack of self-trust.

You may question yourself constantly.
Feel like you're always the one to apologize...
And when you get triggered by something or someone, you have likely trained yourself to doubt your intuition.

But instead, you assume you're the one at fault;
You're the one that's wounded.
You may always self-blame and in the lowest frequency... beat yourself up.

My love, you cannot be in your full power as a woman and doubt your intuition at the same time.

It's a BEAUTIFUL thing to take responsibility,
but there is such thing as taking responsibility for what is NOT yours.

If you take too much responsibility,
you will experience a lack of boundaries
and dedicating yourself to making other people feel comfortable at your own expense!

This is self-abandonment and living an inauthentic life!
You are neglecting your authentic beauty and hiding your true gift from those that could TRULY LOVE YOU if you show up fully in your power!

A highly sensitive woman is a highly respected woman when she learns to honor and trust herself.

This is what we will be awakening inside of my new training PRISTINE: The Sacrifice Of The Priestess.

If you are:
Sensitive to food
Need the right amount of sleep
Can't get away with super late nights
Feel other people's emotions
Are uncomfortable in certain environments
Can't drink alcohol without feeling a massive consequence
Need to exercise to feel normal
Are uncomfortable in large crowds
Sensitive to smell or loud sounds
Feel "off" really easily
You've been told you're sensitive all your life
You know you're sensitive
You feel you are too emotional

There is a great Wisdom trying to lead you.

You have been given a gift!

The truth is, you have super powers!

And these super powers are DEEPLY feminine.

Your ability to tune in and SENSE the deeper energies behind everything is a Divine Feminine superpower.

However, wielding these super powers in their highest frequencies takes practice and skill.

It REQUIRES you to fully embrace and see yourself.
It REQUIRES you to stop minimizing your gifts.
It REQUIRES you to see yourself as someone who does indeed have superpowers.

After what feels like a lifetime of being unseen but the masses, and only seen by what felt like a few...

I will tell you that the block between YOU MANAGING AND HOLDING YOU POWER comes down to YOUR ability to see yourself and TRUST that you are indeed FULL of this secret power!

This level of sensitivity...
is the Sensation Of The Priestess.
She is the archetypes that holds these powers.

To fully BE her, however, it requires an up-level in your expectations of life.
It requires an elevation in the boundaries and standards you HOLD for your lifestyle.

You have been given great, Pristine, precise powers... but your superpowers can become your pitfall.

If you do not make the sacrifices REQUIRED to awaken to your full potential.

Click HERE to get access to PRISTINE: The Sacrifice Of The Priestess.

This is a 2 hour pre-recorded training for the highly sensitive woman so you can become a highly sensitive woman that is also, highly respected.

One of the most powerful things I ever realized was this:

I would rather not be loved, than loved for who I'm not.

Owning my power.
Owning my sensitivity.
Owning what I need in this world -
Is an act of self-love, confidence, and empowerment.
It's the best way I show the world around me, how to love me too...
And it's the best way I can show others, how to love themselves too...

In Love and Grace,


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