About Founder Anya Grace

Hi! I'm Anya Grace, and I founded Elevated Woman because I know what it’s like to be disconnected from feminine energy and operating solely from my masculine. I know the pain, frustration and confusion of not knowing how to shift...

I’ve always been a perfectionist and had “success” in almost all areas of my life. But I was still waking up daily feeling depressed and misaligned, like something was really not right! I realized that yes, I can continue to master every area of my life, butmy masculine approach to fixing and perfecting was actually working AGAINST my power as a woman, draining my feminine energy, and pushing away what I really wanted (a romantic relationship with an empowered masculine man, financial security, and sustainable health and wellness). 

So through literally thousands of hours of meditation, healing work, spiritual practice, mentorship, and study I have discovered what it truly takes to embody feminine power in this modern world. 

By completely dropping the outdated masculine paradigm (that we have all been conditioned to be in), I’ve been able to reveal my magnetic energy, manifestation powers, and operate fully in my feminine energy. I’ve been able to manifest an entirely different life for myself that is elevated and aligned with what my soul is truly here to experience: elevated love and intimacy, financial abundance, true friendship, and life circumstances that reflect the life of a Goddess. 

And it just keeps getting better…

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to delete the masculine conditioning and awaken to elevated feminine power.That is how “Feminine Elevation Mentorship” my 3 Month Program, The Feminine Activation Trainings, and the various Elevated Woman trainings was born!