November 13, 2019 4 min read

There is a difference between submission and surrenderspiritually and sexually . Most women have been unknowingly manipulated into a state of PERPETUAL SUBMISSION. When a woman is in submission she is easily exploited. When a woman is in submission, her Shakti force (her sexual, creative, and feminine energy) can be drained and used.

The feminine is connected to the heart because ultimately the feminine bridges spirit and matter.  When a man enters a woman (physically or emotionally), he enters a spaciousness, a void, anemptiness that is FULL of love and warmth.

This access is incredibly valuable and it is why the masculine craves the feminine (and sex)! 

The female body AND yoni are in the shape of a figure eight [ 8 ] ... INFINITY!

When a man has access to the heart/womb space of a woman he literally is connecting to the Source of all life, home, and pure infinite life force energy itself (Shakti).

The heart of every human is a source of great power. But the heart of awoman holds a special power...

In studying, researching, and experiencing the state of imbalance between the masculine and feminine in my own life, what I've found is that our society has been deeply influenced to keep women in a state of submission.

These are the signs of a woman who is in submission (subject to energetic exploitation/drain):

  • Feels like she needs to improve herself
  • Pleases others at the expense of her own pleasure
  • Consumed with her body image and doesn’t feel good enough
  • Tired all the time
  • Follows rigid diet routines
  • Follows rigid exercise routines
  • Feels stressed out, anxious, and worried often
  • Is consumed with reaching perfection
  • Has a “results oriented” mindset
  • “Hustles” in her work and in her life
  • Has done “what she was supposed to” in career and life but isn’t happy
  • Feels GUILT for taking time for herself (or spending money on herself)
  • Gossips/slanders and competes with other women (and men!)
  • Tries to control others around her
  • Consumed with what other people think (especially men)
  • Attracts men who don’t want anything serious
  • Not adored, respected, or valued in the way she wants so deeply
  • Pressures herself to be on a “timeline” and judges herself for not being “on track”

A state of surrender is very different.

These are the signs of a woman who is in SURRENDER:

  • Financially abundant
  • On purpose in life
  • Able to ask for and receive support (from men, friends, and the Universe)
  • Things seem to just "work out" beyond what she expects
  • Open to new experiences and okay with letting go of the past
  • Prioritizes feeling good above all else
  • Sexually awakened, turned on, and able to experience pleasure beyond what she ever knew possible
  • Flexible, relaxed, spontaneous, and okay letting go of control
  • Feels at peace with her body
  • Eats whatever she wants and enjoys
  • Exercises when she wants but doesn’t “have” to in order to maintain her ideal weight
  • Balanced as both a "spiritual" and "physical" being
  • Not afraid to speak up against what she feels is wrong, or walk away from situations that do not serve her
  • Sets boundaries that are self honoring
  • SEEN deeply for her value and gifts (her wisdom, her brain, her heart, her deep caring, her love, her energy, her effort, her power, her voice, her soul level beauty)

Sexually, because the feminine is allowed to be complicated, sometimes a surrendered woman submits. She submits to the power of her partner because it FEELS GOOD to her and she wants it. Because she has chosen a container where she is seen and experienced as the Goddess, God, Spirit, Soul, Purity, Energy, Love force that is her truth. In THIS frequency of submission her sacred energy is expanded rather than consumed.

A woman in surrender is the FUTURE of the feminine. It’s fifth dimension and Quantum reality. It is a world where we see through the intentional manipulation of the feminine consciousness that has harnessed one of the most valuable resources on the planet -- our sexual force, our energy, our power.

The first step to healing from submission and moving toward surrender is having COMPASSION for yourself and recognizing that there's been a CONDITIONING that is deeply woven into your system. 

This is an ancient conditioning... Thousands of years of conditioning making its way into modern culture through afear based paradigm, manipulation, and brainwashing that keeps us away from our true value, worth, and power (keeping us easily exploited)!

Every single one of us is part of the collective healing.

It is TIME to look inside your heart and heal the most powerful part of your essence! 

As you AWAKEN your Heart, you are no longer able to be exploited and used for your sacred heart energy and can instead soften into surrender.

Ultimately, the only difference between a woman in submission and a woman in surrender is whether or not she understands who she is. In essence. It is through EXPERIENCING her DIVINITY that she becomes healed.

Knowledge of who you really are is what will heal you and protect you. When you can FEEL your Divinity, you understand your truth. You own it. You own your sexual energy, your feminine beauty, and your unleashed power as a woman. No one can take it away. No one can use you. No one can dishonor you. It’s impossible. You’re unavailable. You know it's false. You don't match those frequencies. You’re untouchable.

The frequency of Truth embodied in your energy lifts you from submission. In your complete Understanding of your Sacred Self (through your spiritual practice) you elevate and activate this planet. You remind people of balance, equilibrium, harmony, and Love.

This is your access toTrue Beauty andTrue Power. The Elevated Woman settles for and embodies nothing less.

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