December 20, 2017 2 min read

When a woman unites her inner feminine energy with her inner masculine, an electro-magnetic circuit in her energy body completes. She becomes activated in a new way. She simultaneous radiates warmth and magnetic Shakti (feminine sexual energy) and stays contained in a forcefield of her inner protective masculine. Her Shakti energy remains conserved and concealed.

To men, this activated electro-magnetic circuit is sensed as competition. He feels a barrier to an energy he desires to experience. When a man faces up to a woman's inner masculine force, he meets his ultimate match. He meets the one force that can protect and provide for her more than he; he acknowledges the force that holds the true rights to the experience of her.

In awareness of her hard to achieve, sexual energy, he feels especially drawn. Man is perplexed by this familiar--yet mysterious--invisible forcefield. She is an enigma like starlight, enticing and untouchable. Since he is blocked in a way he has never felt before, he must get creative. He senses that she is somehow "taken" and the chase begins. 

The power of this practice is that when a woman activates her inner masculine, the man standing before her must activate his own higher masculine power to match it. Her sexual power and access to Source is protected, it can't simply be taken. She discerns and discriminates automatically the energies that are not ready to meet her at the level of the elevated feminine, accentuated in her essence.

The fun of this practice is that so long as a woman maintains connection with her inner masculine, the man's chase never truly ends. The enticing, exciting, intimate dynamic of play can be reactivated again again in relationship new and extended. 

The best way to activate electro-magnetic radiance is to cultivate co-practices of movement and stillness:

  1. Activate your energy through running, dance, yoga, or song.
  2. Then sit in stillness and create a container around the activation.
  3. Close your eyes, breathe, and feel the electricity in your cells turned on. A humming in your body will ensue as the activation of energy is being turned inward instead of expelling out.
  4. With your steady awareness, you will notice your Shakti power rise. As your magnetic energy grows your masculine electric container will begin to expand to match the new resonance.
  5. Keep breathing and witness the movement and vibration of your body. Allow it to be as expansive as it wants to be. Know that you are still in control even when you are experiencing something new.

This is your magnificence and the Source of our human potential in sex, love, relationship, and union. Keep expanding and breaking these barriers. There is infinite energy in the Universe and we can Source elevated human experience. 

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