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Every human carries masculine and feminine energy. We are a mix of electric and magnetic energy and the polarities of these forces dance with one another and energize our life. It does not matter if an individual identifies as a "man" or a "woman", our Higher Self is androgynous, angelic, and understands ultimate wholeness. As humans we often identify with our contracted physical form. Yet the dynamics of our energetic polarities are interacting in every moment. Understanding the masculine and feminine dynamics in the physical world can be helpful in understanding ourselves as men and women--whatever sexual orientation one feels is essential to them.

The masculine energy is our reason, high thinking. It is the part of us that--when connected with wisdom knows how to take action, when to apply force, what to control...and what not to. The energy is strong, stable, steady, solid, and safe. When we are activated in the masculine energy we find ease in being assertive and direct. We project decisions with certainty and maintain clear focus. The masculine force is the divine guidance of the Universe pushing, pulling, and pressing on us until we surrender to the forces that know how to bring us to our most ecstatic embodiment. Learning how to trust the Divine Masculine and allow the energy to penetrate us can bring us to our highest potential. The masculine, 'Shiva', God-force is the all pervasive awareness of life itself; static electricity holding the Universe. The masculine gifts are symbolized by the protective stem of a rose. The masculine is the floor of the ocean, humbly, but oh so importantly containing the waters of the powerful Ocean. 

The feminine energy is the powerful and dynamic energy of life. The heart of the Universe is the feminine cosmic womb vibrating and humming with love. This creative potential, or sexual energy, is called Shakti and is the power of the feminine polarity. Women are embodiments of this Shakti power. The feminine energy is represented by the woman's dark womb and the fertile soil of a human's subconscious mind. The feminine polarity magnetizes potent seed, is impregnated with potential energy, and works with source to create manifest form. Shakti dances, waves, spirals, and births life. The feminine life force flows through the energy channels of our bodies vibrating the frequency of love into the trillions of our cells. This feminine 'Goddess' energy is cyclical and shape-shifting, revealing and concealing its infinite expressions of power and beauty. The feminine gifts are symbolized in the regenerative qualities of nature radiating sunrise after sunrise, rose after rose.

When we unite our inner masculine (the divine witness) and feminine (the divine embodiment) we experience an overflowing feeling of contentment: We feel full and free. We feel beautiful and recognized in our essential worth. We feel loving and we feel loved. We realize we are the energy of wholeness and Love!  

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Bushra Salahudeen
Bushra Salahudeen

May 28, 2018

Beautifully explained Anya:)

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