September 27, 2022 4 min read

"I'm feeling I'm not enough for them and that's why they want others..."

This is the #1 reason why women stay in relationships that are not satisfying... because they think that it is perhaps their fault.

You may know you are in a situation that is not serving you... you are not getting the kind of love, support, and commitment you really desire.

But, you may FEAR that this is because either:

a) YOU are doing something wrong that is causing the relationship to not work

b) Or believe he is seeking the attention and relationship of other women because

YOU are not enough.

But because they are deeply rooted fears, beliefs, and traumas... you attract situations that perpetuate this self-belief, and then STAY IN THEM believing that if YOU can just change, just get it right, just be a little bit more feminine, just a little bit more pleasing... then finally the relationship will work.
He will want to stay.
He may stay, but he won't commit. Not truly.
He has never actually been here.
And he never will be.
It's not because he doesn't love you. He does.
But if he is not -- with all the warrior power within him -- FIGHTING AGAINST your belief that the challenges of the relationship are because YOU are doing something wrong, than he is not taking part in being equally responsible.
He is not being a responsible man. And you cannot partner with him with the hope of a healthy happy life.
If he is allowing a dynamic where you blame yourself... he is allowing himself to not evolve.
This will not work. This will cause fights. Because his higher self will never be satisfied when he is not called to his highest. He will subconsciously resent you.
You are not being a Queen.
You stay.
And you allow him to have full access to you...
Your body, your heart, your sexual energy, your power...
He is not GIVING what is REQUIRED to support a woman.
You are a consort, at best.
He may even desire to take from many sources, drain and depleting the Goddess...
But these women are not embodied.
They have lost themselves to allow this.
She is only a fraction of herself.
That is why he requires many sources...
If he WANTS the openness, it is a sign he has not yet figured out how to provide for himself.
He does not know how to be full himself.

I have never met a man who claimed that polyamory/open relationships were his identity and "truth" who did not have a MASSIVE question mark in his field.

Until this resolves within him.
He will never truly provide for you.
He will expect you to provide for him.
He will take, and then be upset that you are upset that you want "more" from him when he has "told" you he cannot give it to you.
Or the worst form: He will request your loyalty, but will not provide what is required for your bloom.
You will wither. Inevitably.
But he will keep you there, even though he knows it is hurting you.
Maybe he is turning a blind eye...
Or putting a spiritual twist on "open relationships" so YOU continue to mistrust your feminine w i s d o m ...and the constant scream of your pain body that has become normal life.

Do you want this?

And is this actually sustainable?

Will you be able to survive this for a lifetime?

Pain body is wisdom body, but you're not fucking listening.
You keep labeling your pain body as the problem and the wound.
You're demonizing the Goddess and ignoring the only voice she can speak to you in: your feelings. Physical and emotional.

This is where you get to take responsibility of your life. And ask yourself, "What part of me is willingly choosing someone and a situation that is not satisfying?"

My love, what is the COST of this in your life?

Your time, your energy, your emotional well-being, your physical health, your fertility, your childbearing years, your dreams....

Your LIFE.

When you let go of not feeling worthy... when you let go of fearing that you are doing something wrong, the true man of your dreams can actually walk in.

When you finally delete the beliefs that are causing you to feel you cannot have him, you will finally be given him.

This may be your current partner, it is possible...

But the change you seek will not first happen in him, without YOU going through this transformation.

This is because Spirit would not have it so.

If Spirit let it be this way, you would never do the healing that a happy, satisfying life is requiring of you.

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Your WORTH is awaiting you.

In Love and Grace,


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