Cultivating Committed Love | Level 1 3-Day Training

A 3-Day Into Training To Heal and Strengthen Your Relationships Through Divine Feminine Wisdom and the Power Of Divine Love

When: Tuesday - Thursday August 18th - 20th

Time: 12:00pm PST (If you can't attend live you will have access to the replays)

When you get into a relationship, do you start off feeling strong, empowered, and confident only to experience yourself fall into old patterns of self-sabotage, dysfunction, and struggle? 

Do you lose yourself in love relationship?

Do you get anxious and worried often about whether or not your relationship is secure?

Do you struggle with codependency?

Do you find yourself seeking the highs of new love relationships (or "situationships") or to experience lows soon after?

Are you ready to commit to someone you actually love and want to be with long-term?

If you are in that relationship already (or have been in it before) are you ready to free yourself of the self-sabotage that is keeping your from being the beautiful and empowered version of yourself that you started out as?

Do you fear abandonment or that if you don't get your sh** figured out soon you will be left?

Do you feel like you have to heal more before love will work out for you?

Do you have a hard time trusting yourself, your partner, and your relationship?

Do you feel responsible for your partner's moods and feelings?

Do you fear that you will never be in a healthy relationship? 

Are you struggling in a current relationship or asking yourself if this is the "right guy for you"?



Every person holds patterns and conditioning that can work for them and against them. These are energies coded into your energy field and nervous system that can perpetuate low frequency behavior, thought, and harm. These disruptions to your true expression create distortions in your field and cause you to repetitively attract the experiences you don't want. The thing is, the patterns you hold that are working against you don't WANT to be there. Just like a bird that accidentally flew inside your house, the patterns you've absorbed are creating havoc and chaos. In this training we are releasing the trapped birds and letting go of the inauthentic patterns so you can be freed!

The patterns that you resist are like a bird that has been trapped inside and is wanting to escape -- these patterns are wanting to be released!


- Create a truly committed love "Divine Love" relationship

- Heal while you're IN relationship rather than just when you’re single

- Access the Alchemy of Love 

- Transmute your dysfunctional conditioning and heal your wounds through the chamber of love

- Moving from open relationship oriented men to committed relationship oriented men

- Attract someone who WANTS a committed relationship and is available for it

- Stay connected to yourself and your desires while in love (how not to lose yourself!)

- Stay balanced, empowered, confident, and magnetic

- Move from manipulation to magnetism to get your needs met

- Clear your trust issues and fears of intimacy

- Honor your avoidant or anxious attachment styles and move toward secure attachments!

- Move from codependent —> interdependent

- Move from addicted —> trusting

- Move from consumed —> free

- Move from anxious —> secure

- Leaning in (to relationship) vs. leaning into Self