The Goddess Daily: Activate 7 Elevated Masculine And Feminine Energies Within You

If you desire to attract an empowered, high value, masculine man into your life, it is crucial to have an imprint of what is possible! These trainings and meditations are created to give you a spiritual and cellular imprint of the empowered masculine energy so you can attract a man in his highest power. During this seven day training, we will activate the empowered masculine and feminine energies in seven major energy centers of the body that are needed to actualize this full potential within you and your partner.  
In this training, you will receive seven meditations to activate and harmonize the masculine and feminine energy in the seven main energy centers of the body.
As a result of these daily meditations, you will begin to embody your sacred feminine value, power, and worth as a woman. This will then attract men who are grounded in their empowered masculine presence, and ready to show up for in the way you deserve and desire.
This training is for you if:
  • You want to feel more powerful in your feminine energy
  • You are working on healing from past trauma or relationships
  • You want to attract higher quality relationship into your life
  • You want to call in a parter with an empowered masculine presence
  • You are ready for your outer world to reflect your inner hopes and desires
  • You have recently been called to try meditation or are looking to deepen a current meditation practice
What you can get out of attending this training:
  • Increased confidence and noticeable feminine grace
  • A noticeable increase in your beauty, magnetism, and radiance 
  • Effortless ability to attract empowered masculine men
  • Increase self-respect, honor, and dignity (attributes of the high value Elevated Woman)
  • Healthy relationship with food 
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Increased joy and satisfaction
  • Natural and sustainable weight loss
  • Increased health and support in healing
  • Enhanced beauty and vibrancy and glowing skin!
  • Alignment with your purpose and your highest life possibility