Submission Vs. Surrender Workshop + Mini eGuide!

These are the signs of a woman who is in submission (subject to energetic exploitation/drain):

  • Feels like she needs to improve herself
  • Pleases others at the expense of her own pleasure
  • Consumed with her body image and doesn’t feel good enough
  • Tired all the time
  • Follows rigid diet routines
  • Follows rigid exercise routines
  • Feels stressed out, anxious, and worried often
  • Is consumed with reaching perfection
  • Has a “results oriented” mindset
  • “Hustles” in her work and in her life
  • Has done “what she was supposed to” in career and life but isn’t happy
  • Feels GUILT for taking time for herself (or spending money on herself)
  • Gossips/slanders and competes with other women (and men!)
  • Tries to control others around her
  • Consumed with what other people think (especially men)
  • Attracts men who don’t want anything serious
  • Not adored, respected, or valued in the way she wants so deeply
  • Pressures herself to be on a “timeline” and judges herself for not being “on track”

In this one hour workshop you will learn how to shift into a state of SURRENDER!

These are the signs of a woman who is in SURRENDER:

  • Financially abundant
  • On purpose in life
  • Able to ask for and receive support (from men, friends, and the Universe)
  • Things seem to just "work out" beyond what she expects
  • Open to new experiences and okay with letting go of the past
  • Prioritizes feeling good above all else
  • Sexually awakened, turned on, and able to experience pleasure beyond what she ever knew possible
  • Flexible, relaxed, spontaneous, and okay letting go of control
  • Feels at peace with her body
  • Eats whatever she wants and enjoys
  • Exercises when she wants but doesn’t “have” to in order to maintain her ideal weight
  • Balanced as both a "spiritual" and "physical" being
  • Not afraid to speak up against what she feels is wrong, or walk away from situations that do not serve her
  • Sets boundaries that are self honoring
  • SEEN deeply for her value and gifts (her wisdom, her brain, her heart, her deep caring, her love, her energy, her effort, her power, her voice, her soul level beauty)