November 21, 2017 2 min read

The Universe itself is energy. We can think about this energy as potential energy, with the possibility of turning into a form--like you and I. This Universe is one verse, one song, one vibration of energy beyond what we can see through the human eye. We can start to understand that everything within and around us is a representation of this energy. This source of energy pulsates through darkness, depth, and then light to originate every expression of itself.

Like a beating heart, this Universe expands and contracts. Humans are nothing more than an aspect of limitless energy contracted and materialized into form. Ultimately when we are released from our bodies, the energy that was condensed within us is dispersed and returns to the limitless source of the Universe once again. 

The more contracted we feel, the harder it is for us to feel love. We feel separate from fullness and freedom because we are unable to connect with the abundant flow of the potential energy of Universe. 

Everything around us and within us is energy moving at different frequency and taking different form. For example, sound travels through the air as wavelengths of energy, vibrates tiny bones in our ears, and allows us to hear.

Color is detected through a process by which photoreceptors in the back of the eye interpret wavelengths of light (like light codes) bouncing off a given object and send the information to the visual cortex of the brain. Everything we sense and cannot sense through the five senses, is energy.

Our emotions have energetic frequencies as well. Happiness feels different than sadness. Joy radiates different energy than anger, or jealousy. Love as well, has its own energetic blueprint. Love can harmonize with every emotion. It can alchemize pain, hurt, jealousy, and sorrow. It can fill emptiness with understanding and compassion.  

So perhaps, we can open ourselves to the possibility that the one verse we come from, live in, and will return to is vibrating in every moment in the emotional frequency of love. Revealing ourselves to the presence of Love in our life is ultimately connecting to the source of life--to the harmony of the past, present, and future. 

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