When you get into a relationship do you start off feeling strong, empowered, and confident only to experience yourself fall into old patterns of self-sabotage, dysfunction, and struggle?

What you are experiencing is your authentic beauty, truth, & power begging to be unleashed!

The patterns that you resist are like a bird that has been trapped inside & is wanting to escape -- These patterns are wanting to be released!

THE 'CINDERELLA COMPLEX'... & why you must heal it!

Love and love relationship are here to purify us and strengthen us, if we are willing to do the work.

This training is here to cultivate your power to:

Truly commit to yourself (and strengthen all of your relationships because of it!)

Stop abandoning yourself to please others

Clear resentment and authentically give and receive love

Take care of yourself when the emotional or energetic environment around you is not in your control

Harness your power of sensitivity and emotion to create closeness not chaos

Learn how to have boundaries and communicate through physical space, loving silence, and effective words (rather than just through tears and emotion)

Clear patterns of codependency

Clear the subtle or strong patterns of love and relationship addiction that consume your heart and mind and prevent you from living your life!

Let go of self-sabotage

Create a truly committed love "Divine Love" relationship

Heal while you're IN relationship rather than just when you’re single

Access the Alchemy of Love 

Transmute your dysfunctional conditioning and heal your wounds through the Chamber of Love

Attract committed-relationship oriented men rather than open-relationship oriented men

Attract someone who WANTS a committed relationship and is available for it

Stay connected to yourself and your desires while in love (stop losing yourself in love!)

Stay balanced, empowered, confident, and magnetic

Move from manipulation to magnetism to get your needs met

Clear your trust issues and fears of intimacy

Honor your avoidant or anxious attachment styles and move toward secure attachments!

Move from codependent —> interdependent

Move from addicted —> trusting

Move from consumed —> free

Move from anxious —> secure

Leaning in (to relationship) vs. leaning into Self

yes anya, I would like to join!